Wedding Preparation Diet

Date : 2015 April 24th


Discover effective slimming methods that will help you lose weight quickly and safely. With us you will get rid of unnecessary kilograms, clean your body of toxins and improve your physical condition. Our specialized dietician will select the right diet for you and a trainer will prepare a personal training plan. On the other hand, our masseuses will accelerate the effect of getting your dream figure.

"GET THINNER IN 3 MONTHS" offer: 229 PLN / month *
Within this offer you will receive:
  • Unlimited access to the gym
  • Nutritional care for the whole duration of the program
  • 3 detailed menus for a period of 3 months
  • 2 personal training sessions in 3 months
  • A training plan
  • Coaching
  • Separate VIP dressing room
  • Entrance to the "relaxation zone and sauna" - 2h/month
In addition, in order to accelerate the effect of slimming we propose "FIRMING MASSAGES" offer:  For the first 6 weeks we recommend: Chinese Bubble Massage - selected body parts 45min (once a week).   Our offer:  6 massages = 480PLN - 15% = 408PLN Another 6 weeks: Honey Massage - selected body parts 30min. (once a week).  Our offer:  6 massages = 480PLN - 15% = 408PLN
Please contact us. Hotel Forum Fitness Spa & Wellness ul. Obywatelska 8 20-092 Lublin tel. +48 81 452 85 05 e-mail:>/a>
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