This week we invite you to lunch at the Forum Restaurant:


Monday 10.06

Cucumber soup – PLN 6

Turkey breast with plum sauce

extras to choose:

pearl barley / baked potatoes

red cabbage salad / lettuce with cream – PLN 18

Penne with broccoli / cheese sauce – PLN 14

Pineapple cake – PLN 5

Tuesday  11.06


Mushroom soup – PLN 6

Chicken breast in Neapolitan style

extras to choose:

rice / mashed potatoes with butter

cucumber salad / carrot with horseradish – PLN 18

Nicoise salad – PLN 14

Panna cotta with raspberry mousse – PLN 5

 Wednesday 12.06


French onion soup with croutons – 6 PLN

Pork chop in panko

extras to choose:

young potatoes with dill / potato balls

coleslaw salad / celery salad – 18 PLN

Chinese pancakes – PLN 14

Raspberry mousse – PLN 5


Thursday 13.06



Vegetable soup – PLN 6

Meat loaf

extras to choose:

mashed potatoes with butter / buckwheat

spring salad / julienne vegetables – PLN 18

Zucchini pancakes with dill sauce – PLN 14

Rafaello – PLN 5



Friday 14.06


Leek cream with a salami crisp – PLN 6

Fish in beer batter

extras to choose:

steak house fries/ bulgur

tomato with cream / vegetables from water – PLN 18

Baked pancakes with spinach – PLN 14

Cherry pie – PLN 5





Enjoy your meal!
It is possible to order take-out.

Contact phone: 81 452 85 04 

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