This week we invite you to lunch at the Forum Restaurant: 


Monday 09.03

Tomato cream with pumpkin seed – 7PLN

Chicken thigh with onion sauce,

extras to choose:

mashed potatoes / bulgur,

beetroot salad / cucumber salad – 19PLN

Gnocchi with vegetables- 15PLN

Creme Brulee – 6PLN


Tuesday 10.03


Cucumber soup – 7PLN

Broccoli slips with herb sauce

extras to choose:

toasted potatoes / buckwheat,

sauerkraut / spring salad – 19PLN

Breaded Camembert with lettuce bouquet – 15PLN

Shortbread fruit cake under a quilt – 6 PLN

Wednesday 11.03


Vegetable with dill – 7PLN

Roman roast with paprika sauce

extras to choose:

mustard puree / pearl barley,
slaw / carrot with sunflower seeds – 19PLN

Corn fritters with paprika sauce – 15PLN

Fruit mousse with sunflower seeds – 6PLN

Thursday 12.03


Hungarian soup – 7PLN

Dumplings stuffed with meat, white cabbage salad  – 19 PLN

Vegetable tart with BBQ sauce – 15PLN

Raspberry chocolate cake – 6 PLN

Friday 13.03


Cream of white vegetables with toast – 7PLN

Royal fish with butter-lemon sauce

extras to choose:

rice / fries,

julienne vegetables / leek salad – 19PLN

Penne with pesto, cherry tomato and Parmesan cheese – 15 PLN

Snickers  – 6PLN


Enjoy your meal!
It is possible to order take-out.

Contact phone: 81 452 85 04 

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