This week we invite you to lunch at the Forum Restaurant:


Monday 10.12


REd bean soup with peppers 6 zł

Chicken breast fillet with mozzarella

extras to choose:

fries  / pearl barley

cucumber salad / cabbage salad 18 zł

Letcho 14 zł

Gringerbread cake 5 zł


Tuesday 11.12


Onion soup 6 zł

Pork neck with its own sauce

extras to choose:

mashed potatoes / buckwheat

tomatoes with cream / Coleslaw salad 18 zł

Lasagne with spinach 14 zł

Cream and cinnamon tart 5 zł


Wednesday 13.12


Lemon soup with rice 6 zł

Minced cutlet

extras to choose:

mashed potatoes / bulgur groats

carrot with peas / fried beetroots – 18 zł

Beet beetroot 14 zł

W-z cake  5 zł


Thursday  14.12


Leek soup 6 zł

Ribs in a bbq sauce 18 zł

extras to choose:

mustard puree / fries

iceberg lettuce with vinegret / red cabbage salad – 18zł

Penne with broccoli – 14 zł


Banana cake  5 zł


Friday 14.12


Cream of white vegetables with croutons 6 zł

Cod with dill sauce

extras to choose:

mashed potatoes / bulgur groats

sauerkraut salad / carrot with horseradish 18 zł

Salad with melon and vinaigrette 14 zł

Tiramisu dessert 5 zł



Enjoy your meal!
It is possible to order take-out.

Contact phone: 81 452 85 04 

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