This week we invite you to lunch at the Forum Restaurant:


Monday 9.04

  • Cabbage soup with smoked bacon 6zł
  • Grilled fillet with garlic butter, mashed potatoes, carrot with peas 18zł
  • Pancakes with vegetables with cucumber sauce 14zł
  • Cold cheesecake with fruit 4zł

Tuesday 10.04

  • Hungarian soup with roasted beef 6zł
  • Stewed turkey, potato casserole with pepper sauce and arugula-radish salad 18zł
  • Salad with fried mushrooms, poche egg and chive 14zł
  • Suzette pancakes 6zł

Wednesday 11.04

  • Horseradish cream with egg 6zł
  • Penne with pork tenderloin, courgette,tomatoes, parsley 18zł
  • Buckwhear fritters with shallot-tomato sauce 14zł
  • Rafaello cake 4zł

Thursday 12.04

  • Tomato soup with pasta 6zł
  • Baked pork chop with sauce, buckwheat, pickled cucumber salad 18zł
  • Grilled vegetables with garlic sauce 14zł
  • Carrot cake 64zł


  • Potato soup with roasted onion 6zł
  • Cod with Greek sauce, fries and lettuce with dressing 18zł
  • Vegetarian tortilla with sauce 14zł
  • Chocolate roulade 6zł

Enjoy your meal!
It is possible to order take-out.

Contact phone: 81 452 85 04 

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